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Monday, November 7, 2016


Dear Zindagi,
  How are you?
  Hope you are doing great!!
  I am fine,..umm what 'm I doing.. I am on my way to office(bit sleepy too),. ..ah ha!... m sure you know this(*wink*)

Sketch books

A women waiting in a room with her son, mother in law and brother in law ‘Arvind’.

'Arvind had proposed her to get married to her and she has said, ‘Yes’.

Her thought - How was ‘m I suppose to know that my ‘Soldier’ husband whom everyone said dead, is going to come back after 20 years’

The Room door opens and a man steps in

His thought – ‘Waw my family!  After 20  years I am meeting them. But ‘m I here to stay?’

Why am I narrating you this scene!!..Just wanted to prove that YOU are different for different people.

You, Zindagi, are a perception based on the circumstances.
So how do I evaluate you!!!

I love the colours you bring in this wonderful life.
Be it the dangerous ravishing RED the pleasant bubbly PINK; dark thick BLACK to light sky BLUE I love them all and I had experienced it too...

But I am here to Thank you for something which went without notice but created a memory in this encephalon

Velvet Blue Dress '94 –
That dress was a trendsetter. I don’t remember why it is a memory but I have always cherished it.
Lost Money '97 -
One day, when attending Bhartanatyam classes, I lost my monthly fee which was suppose to be given to my Guru. Yes, when I reached home, there was big ‘Thandav’. But I ‘m grateful for that as I value money after that.
Fantastic 4 ’99, '05, '12-
I can't explain this connection, but best of my times has always been with number '4'. This trend started way back when I was in my high school. We were 4 of us, inseperable teenagers, chatting everything from menstruation to superstition; then when I went to my graduation, I found another set of 3 unique people who were totally different from each other but gelled like a glue. This trend didn't stop even when I was working, I.e. on one of my project, ( coincidentally my 4th project) again I found another set of 3 'Gamatu(meaning Enjoy in Kannada) gang' to cycle my fantastic life.

1st Crush ’03 -
Remember ‘Bend it like Beckham’ Zindagi!!, Thanks for Introducing Football in my life due to which I realised that I too have a heart which goes ‘dhak dhak’
Embarrassment ’07 -
We had to go through some medical check up before joining our company. They were doing all sort of tests and we never bothered to check the chart. Only when each of my female friends came out with their faces all ‘PINK’, did I get curious. Whomever I asked, I got  the same reply, 'Enter, then you will know'. When my turn came I realised, it was ECG and Breast check up. Our nurse was an old lady and I think you know how things would have gone from there.

Busy Bee ’13 -
Thank you for keeping me Busy. Being Busy is the most relax mood of Life.Its like Meditation; you don’t know anything other than being busy 


Zindagi Definition ’16 -
I love the way you elaborate me that you are just here to be cheerful. All though, it took me some time to realise.

‘Life is Perfect when we make it perfect. But the conclusion is It will never be perfect and the challenges which we go through to make it perfect is what defines Life. So Let us make Life Cheerful instead'

Sketch books


BTW.. Zindagi, Hope you liked my Sketch/s & Rangoli..

 “I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagiactivity at BlogAdda“.