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Friday, November 28, 2014

Indian Aviation, from Bigger to Better.... a step to connect

Indian Aviation is one of the key which connects India to the world but still questions arise...

Why Bigger??


Most of us express Traveling as one of our hobby. Be it for some work scheduled or to meet our loved ones or mere for luxurious enjoyment, people travel from one place to another. Few commute reasons can be vague or some special occasions, people have woken up to explore new places or revisit old places just to see few changes.

During my grandma's time, there were arguments and misjudgments on the same topic. I can give you an example where in my granny after completing her X, wanted to do a 3 month Teacher Training course which was 10KM far away from their home town and was not allowed as there were no transportation. But she did managed to get it through by some other means, is some other story to reside. Comparing that, now day's schools in cities/villages are far away from the hub and mostly, are more than 10KM, and we do have school buses.

Conclusion, demand for traveling has commenced. I have even heard parents sending their children to abroad just to complete their higher studies in reputed international schools.

Additionally, Facility of traveling also has modified over the few decades. People prefer Buses with sleeper facility rather than seating. Metro Trains have taken over Traditional Trains. So What about in Airlines?

There has been drastic increase in  the numbers of Planes and different aviation industry have opened up, offering great discounts to attract not  only business class individuals but also people who travel in economic class. Due to this amazing impact, there has been a large engulfment of other industries getting involved in the Airlines sector.

Consider this, Being in one of the Top Indian City, I see en number of taxi cab and its co. working hard for providing the best reasonable fare, to and fro, to Airports. Back in 2007, HAL airport infrastructure was nothing compared to what is now in 2014 KIA & we do have different shopping sector opening up in airports which gives guests provisions to shop & spend their leisure time in airport more profitable. These are the few instances, on the large collection of impact of Aviation.

Outcome is obvious, Infrastructure, Technology, Job Opportunity in airline industry and its dependency is also becoming key entities; making it a bigger collaboration as a whole.

***Indian Diversity***:

Along with others, we do have the most major and might be Primary contribution for better aviation i.e. peoples itself.
We Indians need a bigger platform in any case; as being the 2nd largest population in the world, the resource count is the highest here. To add, we have different culture and religion, and further down, each individual have different aspects from life.

So when it comes to traveling there might be a mix culture of people/ customers for an airline and the perspective, expectation differs from one customer to another. When such wide varieties of people board a plane, this increases the expectation as an airline company which in turn increases their services.

For an example, a family of 4 may demand for entertainment and a traveler for his own privacy. A Brahman would prefer a vegetarian cuisine and Bengali a fish.

"India", as a word is difficult to adjust in a small confide book, as it has the most out busted culture, so can an aviation sector be small for India???


Bigger moving to Better!?

To be frank I haven't explained Infrastructure, Technology & Jobs in the earlier section, in detail, as we need Better opportunity for it.

Most of the Indians fall under Middle and lower Class Family. When it comes to aviation industry it is more of the opposite, being expensive and stylish. Chethan Bagat himself, on one of his book, has mentioned that Airlines is the most Stylish & Expensive Company to own and no unskilled person can engulf and not get drenched in it.

Not so long ago, there came news of flights cancelled and air service staff wages delayed due to debt issues. People not only see the vision in traveling wiser & more in an entertainment level but also aspire comfort ability and security.  When traveling through air these expectations are higher. When such stories arise, they unbolt the trust in airlines and get insecurity behavior towards aviation industry.

This in-turn loses the Investors, Skill-set resources & Jobs.

Indian Aviation should concentrate on 'people trust building activity'. Opportunity should be given not only to the CEO of an aviation industry but also to its staff to follow this motto.

Also new technology should be encouraged, by establishing non-Indian airlines to participate and give an opportunity. This can be made by utilization of Indian resources, communicating them with non-Indian airlines such as Lufthansa and play a role in elevating the Indian Aviation sector.

Lufthansa is one of the largest airline sectors in Europe; we can imagine the 3 key things it brings when it comes to India. 'Infrastructure, Technology & Jobs'

When Such Airlines comes into India, be it any kind of people i.e. investor, customer or staff puts an effort of trust and gives opportunity to make bigger better.

On such reason is #LufthansaA380

 To add more on A380 advantage, some days ago, Our PM, addressing in Australia, expressed that India has a key which other country doesn't have, "Resource". Once we train them in the opportunistic skills, they can be the powerful Indian guns to be fired. These skilled resources are in much demand in Developed Countries.

When such demand increases the frequent traveling to international locations will be the key and #LufthansaA380 can deliver it in far more better than others.

A mere presence from Nov 8 2014, to its departure/arrival on Delhi, Capital City of India,  can bring so much credibility of India on many other countries.

To Talk about It has the best engine , remarkable technology & maximum storage with wide spread cuisine facility and to add, carries maximum passenger across the journey. You can find this in most of its achievement list:  Lufthansa Indian Website  (

But to India, It will bring the 3 Key Opportunity 'Infrastructure, Technology & Jobs', 2 Advantages, one to India 'Traveling in comfortable & secure environment', to Lufthansa 'Understanding Indian diversity' and the ultimate Shine A380 presence itself.

Check Out: A Video Clip on its arrival on November 8th 2014

- Prathi

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