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Friday, January 30, 2015

Oh this pimple!!

When we imagine our  face, we always wish it to be attractive, clear, fresh, smooth & auspicious be it with any gender. Ever thought why?? 

Let me brief out my idea by a quote...

"A fresh, clear face catches the eye; empower the energy within oneself & brings in the hidden confidence."

Isn't it!!

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But when we want to cherish this idea; like any road blockers, a 'face' too gets stumbled upon from dusts to pollution, hormonal imbalance to dietary constraints & all those known factors which we can think of causing damage to the skin. And to the utmost level, the primary cause to any face damage is by a pimple.

Pimple; an acne, spot, zip call it whatever you want, we would have encountered once in our life span; & especially when we were in our teens.

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My first encounter! -  To talk about my war with Pimples, it all started when I was at my VIII. 

It was the beginning of my first menstrual cycle. With stomach aches, constipation, uneasiness, I had to welcome 'Pimple' too, which was emerging all over my face. To make matter worse, the visible spot made few old ladies talk as, "Oh the cute girl is all set to be a Lady!!!". To my relief, It was also the time wherein few of my besties too was going through the same state. Most of our free time was all about 'pimple & it's vanquishing techniques'. Of all the hazard I thank god till date, as I have a dry pimple condition as few of my friends have that oozing white liquid puffed pimple which is pathetic to watch.

Myth? I am utterly disgusted to share this thought, but I used to feel very relaxed & happy when I prick a pimple. There were also a myth which made me comfort that, "When we prick and remove it, It disappears quickly".

Really!! One good observation about my pimple was that it was having a scheduled presence. It used to appear 2-4 day before my cycle starts. I called them as "my warning signals" or "my indicators".

Engulfed suggestions -

When we are in trouble, we tend to seek advice. Some of them which I cherished are
  1. "Avoid oily & spicy foods"
  2. "Drink plenty of water" 
  3. "Eat Vegetables & Fruits" 
  4. "Sweat a lot" 
Homemade remedies -

Considering the fact, cosmetics was a big 'NO' at my house, Homemade remedies were the only means through which I used to pamper myself. Few of them listed below.

  1. Skin of milk 
  2. Turmeric powder mixed with a drop of water
  3. Skin of Orange
  4. Cucumber pieces

Going back to those days, I recall 'Neem leaves' placed in our hot water buckets during bath. This too, have added as a helping hand to get rid of my pimples & its mark. Now we can see its presence in cosmetic, one of them is the famous 'Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash'.

Dandruff & Pimple! Now its been 15 years since my teen life. Over the time these warning signals have been fading off. But it still makes its presence now or then. Additional reason has emerged for its existence, i.e. 'dandruff', another villain in this 'beauty' world. Dandruff control does do the trick, but it's still a pimple and is tough not to be seen. :-)

Garnier Face Wash

To be truthful, I have not been an ideal user of any cosmetic products. But from the time I have set my foot out from my house I have given a try.

One of them is the Garnier Face Wash, Neem. I declare myself of using them at irregular intervals and hence my experience may only add up to other's review. 

"When we commute on public transport; we invade dust, pollution from traffic & sweats due to crowded buses. When I reach home with all that hazel, my face turns dull and urges for pampering. But having a tight schedule at home too, pampering gets sidelined. So to avoid this carelessness, I used Garnier 'Pure Active Neem' Face Wash. "

Summarizing my reason, 
  1. Garnier  - Recommended brand in the beauty world since 1904. 
  2. Neem - Acts as Anti-oxidant, Anti-septic, Anti-toxin, Anti-germicide, Anti-fungal and many other Medicinal uses. Need I have to say anything more.
  3. Face wash  - Substitute for soap, Easy to Use & less time consuming ;-)

  • Prevents dust/oil accumulation 
  • Clears small pimple marks
  • Prevents new pimple formation
  • Glows your face.

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At the end, pimple is something unavoidable, especially during your adolescence. Home remedies & cosmetics can reduce it up-to 99% of your problem, but that 1% is all which highlights you & your confidence level. Panicking can make a pimple the ruler of our face. Hence let that 1% pimple spend their life while you ignore. In the course, it will get tired and leave your face with/without any hospitality.

Take care

This blog post is written as a part of  a contest held by Indiblogger & Garnier on common problems faced due to pimples and its effect. Also to add on the experience on Garnier  "Pure Active" Neem Face wash if we have used it.

To know more about Garnier or it's product, Please refer the below link

**All image source is from the contest page i.e. Garnier No Pimples No Marks 

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